Life drawing March 3, 2022

Portrait drawing

Life drawing March 3, 2022

In real life (IRL) life drawing, online life drawing and an animation workshop with Scottish Borders Life Drawing Club hosted by Deryck Henley.

Tuesday morning we had the fabulous Phoebe modelling for us at Sebastopol (Ballarat), and for this I worked in willow charcoal and kneadable or putty eraser on bulky newsprint. My thought as I was doing this was “I must remember to bring better paper, some compressed charcoal and some better blending options”.

A lovely class with Candid Arts in London with the fabulous Hilary Curtis. I love the set up of these sessions and the multiple camera angles and portrait views, and Calvin Richards leads the session with class.

Deryck Henley ran a fabulous workshop with Nina, our model doing a series of poses in rotation, a sequence of 10 x 1 minute poses doing a 360° rotation, a sequence of 5 x 5 minute poses seated doing a partial rotation and a sequence of 5 x 5 minute poses seated facing the camera.

He gave a demonstration of what we would be doing with our drawings, and how we could animate them using EZGIF. The one minutes poses I did with my Pentel Brush Pen, the longer poses in 6B graphite pencil.

I’ve also been catching up on a marathon event from Helen Roeten as a fundraiser for the Ukraine, and have so far done the first 5 model session (the fifth one was a duo). It’s great to be able to take part in these things and connect with artists and models from all over the world for a good cause.

Early Saturday morning was another zoom session, this time from Adrian Dutton in the UK with Cassie @cassieadams our model for this long pose session. I was having a bit of trouble with tone, so the charcoal pencil study on tones paper looked a bit chalky (too much white I think) but I was happier with my second attempt at the other angle in 6B pencil.

Sunday night, there’s alway the Scottish Borders Life Drawing Club, hosted by Deryck Henley, and last night’s session was three models from Argentina, including the handsome Mariano, always fabulous to draw.

To finish off the night, (well it was 2am actually, Australian time), I did a portrait drawing workshop with Raw Umber Studios, with artist @lizetdingemansartist doing a charcoal demonstration. I was dealing with a badly stubbed toe (it was turning an interesting shade of deep purple and was very painful), so stayed with what was on my desk, namely 6B pencil. Might have another go in charcoal late.